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In most cases the day your pool or spa is plastered is the day the water goes back into the pool. 


Plaster is a hydraulic cement and needs to cure under water.  When filling your pool, do not turn off the water until the water has reached 3 inches above the plaster.  This is very important - if you stop it early, it could create a "bathtub ring" on your plaster.   


If it seems like your pool will be full during the middle of the night, reduce the flow of water but do not stop it prior to going to bed.  In some cases the spa will fill up on its own but if it does not, after the pool is completely full you may transfer the fill hose to the spa.  Do not try to run a second hose to the spa as it may overflow into the pool before the pool is full which could cause streaking.   


Do not use your pool fill line either. As the pool fills a sediment will form. This is a natural occurrence.   This sediment will be removed during the startup process.  The startup process is a 28 day period which the plaster continues to cure.  The pH is balanced and the chemicals are introduced gradually.  


Your circulation pump will be running 24 hours a day for the first couple days to assist in removing the sediment. After the initial few days (3 to 5), the technician will continue to come back once a week for the next 3 weeks to check on the balance and to brush the pool.  


Please do not heat the pool or swim during this start up time. 


At the end of the 28 days, your filter will be cleaned one last time and you are ready to take over the normal service of your pool.   *Salt is not included in the startup process and will need to be added by your pool service provider after the 28 days.  

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